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The Top 10 Referee Apps

Top 10 Referee Apps

Mobile phones apps have quickly become the norm in aiding many industries. Referees and sports officials can improve their skills in managing and improving the flow of a game with these helpful apps. In this article, referees and sports officials will learn the top 10 referee apps that are available to satisfy the demands of sports officials responsible for rules and regulations as well as game management.


1. iReferee
One of the most comprehensive sporting official apps around. ireferee includes 6 referee sports signal guides with pictures for Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Football, and Volleyball. Also included are over 25 rulebooks for various sports, leagues, and associations. A complete guide to rules, calls, signals and more.


2. Ref Wallet 
Make your job as a sports official easier with the Ref Wallet. Designed specifically for soccer this app has features such as recording and emailing game data pdf’s, keeping track of goals, penalties, injuries, and running game timers. This app is very detailed and allows you to document and email virtually every aspect of the game.


3. Sports Rules
Sports Rules is a reference guide to over 20 of the world’s most popular sports. This app contains the fundamental rules and other relevant information required to play a selected sport. What makes this app unique is it contains popular sports from other countries as well as less popular sports such as squash, handball, table tennis, ultimate Frisbee and more.


4. Hockey 101
Hockey 101 provides referees with stunning video instructions for 24 major hockey concepts. This app includes roster features and a workout tracker. The video aspect makes it very easy to learn proper penalties and other player moves. Recommended for anyone interested in being a hockey referee


5. Referee card
This is a referee app that will assist professional referees in executing their jobs as managers of different kinds of games and leagues in a tournament. This app is equipped with a timer and referee cards for all players or users. This mobile app can be used to take note of the goals, fouls and send offs in a certain game.


6. Referee Pro
This referee app aims to assist soccer referees who are serving in so many tournaments as managers and facilitators. Downloading this mobile app will provide the users with a digital set of red and yellow cards for the games and a stopwatch to manage the duration of the game and measure the time. In this mobile app, the user can automatically assign red and yellow cards to different players when needed and the changes in each game can be easily controlled.


7. Volleyball Referee
Be a referee in a volleyball tournament or handle your own team and lead team towards championship events with this mobile app for an. The mobile app has simple referee cards and interface with a standard timer for a volleyball game. Be a better volleyball official by recording the scores and violations in each game with this app.


8. Football Rule Book
The Football Rule Book is great for any referee involved in the sport. Included are both the NCAA and NFL rulebooks, as well as all referee signals. It is a really important app to have especially on the field.


9. Basketball Rule Book
This app is a powerhouse of information for Basketball sports officiating. It comes with 3 official rulebooks for both men and women’s basketball. Also included are all referee signals associated with the sport. If you want a clear definition of rules and regulations this app is for you.


10. Umpire Indicator
Umpire Indicator is a simple, easy to use indicator with all of the features of a normal indicator and then some. This app counts strikes, balls, outs, innings and keeps track of the score for both teams. As good, if not better than a physical indicator. Download this app as a back up. It is always better to be ready.

Other Apps

Make the Call
Available for iphone or ipad, Make the Call is a great app that tests your referee knowledge. It tests you knowledge of rules and regulations for your related sport. It is a great preparation of the calls you will have to make in high stressed game situations. Currently Make the Call App is available for basketball, soccer, hockey, and Football.


Download these apps and more



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