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Soccer Referee Illinois

All referees affiliated with FIFA have a designated referee grade. The grade indicates the qualification of the referee to officiate at various levels of local, national and international soccer competition. There is a common misconception that these grades are related to elementary or secondary school grades – they’re not, they are assigned by USSF.


What are the major requirements?

– Nomination of U.S. Soccer Board of Directors and approved by FIFA.
– Annual re-examination is required.


What are the minor requirements?

– Minimum age – 12.
– No background check required.
– U.S. Citizenship required.
– Fitness test – not required.


How much does the test cost?

The test cost $75.


How much does the class cost?

The class cost $0.


How long is the class?

The duration of classes is 16 hours.


What is the minimum passing score requirement for the class/test?

The minimum passing score is over 75%.


How much does it pay per game?

The payment is not specified.


Where can you sign up for the test/training?

Greater Libertyville Soccer Association

Office Address: 204, 1860 West Winchester Road, Libertyville, IL 60048
Telephone: (847) 367-1035


Are online study guides/practice tests/courses/training/testing available?

Yes the online study guide/practice tests/courses/training/testing are available please check the links bellow:


Are you required to attend any local meetings? If so how many?

No, you are not required to attend any local meetings.


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