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Do referees need to go to school?

No school required for Sports Officials

With most communities offering some sort of organized sports to the residence of their town or city, there is always going to be a need for qualified sports officials. This is because no matter what sport a child is participating in, they all need to have experienced individuals to ensure that all the rules are being followed and that good order is being maintained at all times.

To ensure that all officials are qualified and properly trained, there is a comprehensive training program that is required to be taken and a test to be passed by all applicants. Though there is no actual formal school set up for people to enroll in to become an official, there is an official training program and a certification test for each sport in each state.

National Youth Sports Officials Association

 The use of training programs administered through a local official of the National Youth Sports Officials Association makes more sense than setting up a school course. The biggest advantage is that it saves quite a bit on the cost for people to become officials and also to attend to the continuing education meetings that are required yearly. This allows for continued availability of training without having to maintain an official location. It allows for much more flexibility and makes the process much easier on everyone.


Follow up training

Once a person has completed the initial requirement to become a member of the NYSOA and complete the first year of officiating, they must once again go through a retraining program. This program consists of refresher courses, as well as an introduction to any new rules and or changes to old rules that occurred after the end of the previous year.

After the completion of the retraining program, there are a series of meetings that all youth sports officials are required to participate in. When all of the requirements have been met you will be allowed to continue as a member and you will have to pay a yearly membership fee.

In summary, if you are looking to become a youth sports official you need to be ready to go through an extensive training program. Even after you complete all that is required, you will need to continue to go through additional training and meetings to be allowed to continue as a sports official.


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