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How to handle yourself as a referee or sports official under pressure

Always the voice of reason

When it comes to sports it always comes down to fairness and playing by the rules. No matter what sport you are talking about, there are rules governing how the game is played. These rules were established to ensure the safety all participants along with making sure both sides have an equal chance to win the game.

It is the sole responsibility of all referees and sports officials to know all of the rules and regulations governing the game they chose to officiate. This means there is always ongoing education and updating on rule changes that regularly occurs.

Why is patience so important?

Whenever you have a competition you always have a winner and loser. This often brings out the best and sometimes the worst in people. This kind of situation can lead to very contentious feelings between competitors.

This is where it is very important for all officials to be able to handle themselves in a calm and reasonable manner regardless of the situation. Being a fair and impartial observer of the game makes it possible for any official to be able evaluate the situation and render the correct call no matter what the play.


Dealing with the unruly participants

It is extremely important for an referee or sports official to be able exhibit fairness and impartiality at all times and that includes knowing when to put an end to distractions caused by participants. Whether they are sitting on the sidelines or even in the stands.

As with any competition, there will always be plenty of distractions and it the sports officials job to know when it has crossed the line. All officials are trained in how to handle situations like this and then it is up to them to deal with them when they arise.

Chances are if you have a child or relative that has been a part of a little league and attended any of their games, you have seen unruly parents in the stands. The job of official is to handle the pressure placed on game, especially when you have external forces that play into the situation.



When it comes to being a good sports official it takes much more than just knowledge of the game you are looking to officiate. A good official has to be able to handle the pressure of all the things that come with any competition. This means you have to be impartial at all times and apply all of the rules fairly and evenly.

To find out more information on being a sports official, you can connect your local office of the National Youth Sports Officiating Association.


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