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5 Referee Books you must read!

As a certified referee or someone that is considering taking up sports officiating there are many good books available online that cover a wide range of topics that fit in with sports refereeing. Several of these books can be very informative and offer specific techniques and tips to help you be a better referee or sports official. Whether you are looking for a sport specific type of book or one that was designed to cover more than one specific sport. The following is a list of top five referee and sports officials you must read before you set foot on a field!

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The Top 10 Referee Apps

Top 10 Referee Apps

Mobile phones apps have quickly become the norm in aiding many industries. Referees and sports officials can improve their skills in managing and improving the flow of a game with these helpful apps. In this article, referees and sports officials will learn the top 10 referee apps that are available to satisfy the demands of sports officials responsible for rules and regulations as well as game management.

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Top 10 Referee Tools You Can’t Live Without

As a youth sports official you will be expected to provide all of your gear necessary to perform your duties as an official. Though every sport has a different set of rules and all, however, the basic necessities remain the same.

Before you can officiate your first game you will need to be prepared to handle all situations and have all of the necessary equipment. Below is a very detailed list and explanation of each of the crucial tools that you will need to have in order to be a successful youth sports official.

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Basic Referee Training Curriculum

What to expect from the Sports Officiating Process

At any given time all across the country there are youth sporting events being held, whether it is a soccer game, football, baseball and even lacrosse, depending on what part of the country you live in. All these youth have at least one thing in common, sports officials and referees. This is because in order to ensure complete fairness, there has to be someone or a group of people that are trained on all of the rules of the sport.

These individuals are normally paid community volunteers that have a special love for the sport and possess the credentialed skills necessary to become a sports official. To help prepare these volunteers for the job, there are organizations that set up local offices to handle all of the things necessary at the local level.

One of the largest of these organizations is the NYSOA or National Youth Sports Officiating Association.

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Do referees need to go to school?

No school required for Sports Officials

With most communities offering some sort of organized sports to the residence of their town or city, there is always going to be a need for qualified sports officials. This is because no matter what sport a child is participating in, they all need to have experienced individuals to ensure that all the rules are being followed and that good order is being maintained at all times.

To ensure that all officials are qualified and properly trained, there is a comprehensive training program that is required to be taken and a test to be passed by all applicants. Though there is no actual formal school set up for people to enroll in to become an official, there is an official training program and a certification test for each sport in each state.

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How do I become a Referee or Sports Official?

So you want to be a referee or sports official

Fair play and sportsmanship is the hallmark of all sports and no matter what part of the country you live in, there are officials who are responsible for ensuring both are upheld. They are all charged with making sure that all of the rules and regulations are followed no matter what sport it is.

These officials are made up of local volunteers from the community that the leagues are a part of and they can be anyone that has what it takes to be a good official.

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Why should I become a Referee or Sports Official?

Need Extra Cash, Consider Being a Little League Referee

In practically every single community all over the country you will find numerous little league organizations set up for each of the most popular team sports of the region. Whether it is baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, soccer or football chances are you will find some sort of community league available.

One thing that they all have in common is the need for referees to ensure good order and fair play is practiced at all time. Since each sport is different and each one has a set number of officials that are required to be at each game varies.

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How to handle yourself as a referee or sports official under pressure

Always the voice of reason

When it comes to sports it always comes down to fairness and playing by the rules. No matter what sport you are talking about, there are rules governing how the game is played. These rules were established to ensure the safety all participants along with making sure both sides have an equal chance to win the game.

It is the sole responsibility of all referees and sports officials to know all of the rules and regulations governing the game they chose to officiate. This means there is always ongoing education and updating on rule changes that regularly occurs.

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