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Why should I become a Referee or Sports Official?

Need Extra Cash, Consider Being a Little League Referee

In practically every single community all over the country you will find numerous little league organizations set up for each of the most popular team sports of the region. Whether it is baseball, softball, basketball, hockey, soccer or football chances are you will find some sort of community league available.

One thing that they all have in common is the need for referees to ensure good order and fair play is practiced at all time. Since each sport is different and each one has a set number of officials that are required to be at each game varies.

Requirements to be an official

Normally each sport has an established organization of officials and they create the rules that are followed and set up specific guidelines that must be met to in order for anyone to become an official in their local community. One of the requirements usually involves attending annual training clinics and you must attend them to be allowed to officiate any sanctioned league games.


What is the typical pay for local referee or sports official?

While not all referees get paid the same and it will vary widely depending on the community they live in. But $100.00 per game seems to be the average amount that they are being paid. While that may not see like a lot, as a part time job it is nothing to sneeze at. Also consider that they can be asked to referee several games per day and per week.


Benefits of being a referee

There are several reasons why people volunteer to be a community sports official or referee in the community they live in. When asked, many of them point to wanting to be active in the community and they have an aptitude for being a ref or umpire in a given sport. Other say that they do it for health benefits of being active and outdoors.



If you are looking for a meaningful way to get outdoors and you enjoy sports and you feel that you might have an aptitude for becoming an umpire or referee. Then you owe it to yourself to contact the local organization that establishes all of the rules that govern the local umpires.

They have official training courses that must be completed before you can become an official. When you complete all of the requirements, you will be ready to give back to your community as a little league ref. The money isn’t bad either.


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