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How do I become a Referee or Sports Official?

So you want to be a referee or sports official

Fair play and sportsmanship is the hallmark of all sports and no matter what part of the country you live in, there are officials who are responsible for ensuring both are upheld. They are all charged with making sure that all of the rules and regulations are followed no matter what sport it is.

These officials are made up of local volunteers from the community that the leagues are a part of and they can be anyone that has what it takes to be a good official.

What they look for in a sports official

The truth not everyone that wants to be an sports official is cut out to be an referee or official for sports. It takes a special type of person that possesses as certain combination of characteristics and skills that makes them a perfect fit. Below is a list of these important things that is expected each one to have:

●    Ability to discern between the intent and spirit of the rules

●    Ability to communicate well

●    Display good interaction skills with players and coaches

●    Exhibit poise at all times

●    Display good judgement

●    Have great integrity


Requirements every prospective official must do

In order to ensure that all of the people that are assigned to officiate any sports game are qualified to be there, each person is required to become a member of the National Youth Sports Officials Association. This a the governing body that is responsible to ensure that each one knows the rules and are capable of upholding the rules for each sport.

To become a member and to be qualified to officiate any game that is sanctioned by the NYSOA a person has to participate in a training course which includes an interactive video. Once they go through the training program they must successfully pass an exam to be sure they comprehended the information. After the exam is passed they sign the Code of Ethics Pledge of the NYSOA. The membership fee is $20.00.

Each official is responsible for keeping up with any and all rule changes governing the sport for which they have chosen to officiate and the National Youth Sports Officials Association provides access to this valuable information. All members have full access to this information.



Local sports leagues are always looking for good officiating and it takes a very special person to be a youth sports official. If you are interested in becoming a sports official, the first thing you need to do is consult the NYSOA website or local organization to find out how to get started.


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