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What to expect from the Sports Officiating Process

At any given time all across the country there are youth sporting events being held, whether it is a soccer game, football, baseball and even lacrosse, depending on what part of the country you live in. All these youth have at least one thing in common, sports officials and referees. This is because in order to ensure complete fairness, there has to be someone or a group of people that are trained on all of the rules of the sport.

These individuals are normally paid community volunteers that have a special love for the sport and possess the credentialed skills necessary to become a sports official. To help prepare these volunteers for the job, there are organizations that set up local offices to handle all of the things necessary at the local level.

One of the largest of these organizations is the NYSOA or National Youth Sports Officiating Association.

Local Chapters of the NYSOA

 In order to facilitate the recruiting and training of youth sports officials, the NYSOA has established local offices that anyone who is interested in become a youth sports official can contact the office.

So, the first thing a person needs to do is locate the phone number for the local branch office of the NYSOA in their state. It should be relatively each to do a Google search online to locate the phone number and address.


Training Courses

The NYSOA requires that all prospective youth sports officials become a member of the NYSOA to be allowed to officiate any sanctioned game. So, they set up a list of requirements in order to become a member and these consist of attending a series of training courses, also called clinics or classes as well as passing a officiating exam.


Pass a Final Exam

To ensure each person were able to learn the required information, each one is require to go through a final exam. It is very important to properly prepare for taking this exam, this includes taking the time needed to study for it. This is because without being able to pass the final exam, you will not be allowed to become a member of NYSOA.

Once you pass the final exam and pay a membership fee, there are additional meetings that you must attend. Attendance is also mandatory for all of these meetings in order to keep your membership in good standing.

In summary, the NYSOA, established local offices to make it easier for people that are interested in becoming a youth sports official in their local area. If you are interested in becoming a sports official please contact your local office.


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