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Baseball Umpire Missouri

Developing better officials is one of the goals of the National Officials Certification Program (NOCP) a nation-wide standardized program. Five levels of competency provide officials with the necessary instruction to officiate from club sports all the up to International competition. The program is sport specific, and baseball’s five levels are divided in the following manner: Umpires at all levels must re-certify every year.


What are the major requirements?

– Official will need to submit an online application.
– A registration fee is must.
– A background check – Organisations look for child abuse reports and any domestic violence reports.
– Pass written and technical test.
– Acceptable attendance rate.


What are the minor requirements?

– Min. Age – 18.
– Umpire equipment. This may include uniforms, stop-watches, whistles, flags or cards, and shoes.
– Little League rule book.
– Good health and fitness.
– Quick reflexes and good coordination.
– Some athletic ability.
– Good communication skills.
– Reasonable body weight.


How much does the test cost?

The test cost is $0.


How much does the class cost?

The class cost is $225.


How long is the class?

The duration of classes is the September 5 to the 8.


What is the minimum passing score requirement for the class/test?

The minimum passing score is over 80%.


How much does it pay per game?

The payment is not specified.


Where can you sign up for the test/training?


Address: 608 East Walnut Aurora, MO 65605
Telephone: (417) 860-8470


Are online study guides/practice tests/courses/training/testing available?

Yes the online study guide/practice tests/courses/training/testing are available please check the links bellow:


Are you required to attend any local meetings? If so how many?

No, you are not required to attend any local meetings.

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