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How To Become A Referee

Congratulations on your decision to begin your career journey as a certified referee or sporting official!

You are entering a field that is currently very high in demand, so the probability of receiving employment and officiating sports games are more than excellent!

Referee and sports official training requirements vary from state to state. Please select your home state below and view the required training so you can get started quickly.



Referee and Sports Officials

How To Become A Referee ImageA referee or sports official is paid to ensure good order and fair play is being conducted at all times. They are also responsible for the natural flow of the game.

Wether its enforcing rules, ensuring safety, or communicating with the players – a referee’s duty is extremely important, which is why the sports officiating industry is one of the most sought after among job seekers today.

Most are employed through local or state organizations that are hired by those who require some form of sport officiating.

No matter which part of the country you may live in, there is always a demand for referees and sports officials. However, training requirements and regulations do vary from state to state, as well as, league to league.


Referee Job Description

The job description for a referee will vary depending on what type of sport and league you are applying for. For example, a soccer referee will have different sets of responsibilities than an basketball referee.

Typically, however, the job entails:

  • Enforcing the official rules of the game.
  • Assist in continuing proper game flow.
  • Communicating with players and coaches.
  • Assisting players during emergency situations when they arise.

For more information about referee job description, Click Here.


Referee and Sports Officiating Jobs

How To Become A Referee Second ImageThe demand for referees and sports officials is extremely high. As long as you meet the  proper qualifications and have completed the official training, you have a great chance of getting hired.

Wether it is through a local community league looking to hire sports officials of their own, or a high level college state league, your chances of getting hired are excellent.

I highly recommended downloading the free interview guide that can be located on the upper right hand corner for tips regarding upcoming interviews.

Also be sure to check out our highly popularized referee and sports officiating jobs board, which is creating new jobs for people like you every single day.


Online Referee & Sports Officiating Training

There are several jurisdictions that allow you to take training online, however these are sometimes basic, entry level courses.

This can be a very convenient way to, done in the comfort of your home, pass the exam necessary to obtain your referee certification which will allow you to become a referee.

It truly depends on your location, due to the fact that not all online courses are always accepted.

Please make sure that you are applying in a state that allows online training, that is from a recognized certificate program that will give you the necessary requirements to proceed.


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